So, I just sat in a room of 140 people doing interfaith dialogue. For those of you who know me even a little I think you can understand how exciting I find that. This group was racially, sexually, religiously diverse, as well as diverse in age and gender. At my table in particular were two chaplains, a bishop, the chair of The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago AND Judy Valente who is a religion reporter for PBS and NPR (my dream job). So there I was – in a room filled with people I respect and hope to grow up to be – with people I love (my closest friends and roommates were all there) doing the thing I love to do most (interfaith!) – and that’s not even what made my night great.

No, the best part was actually the breakdown. I’d been DREADING breaking the event down. Do you know how hard it is to roll large round tables across Parkes 122? Do you know how heavy stacks of chairs get?

(Okay, so here i'm only handling two chairs and it doesn't look so intimidating but i swear those stacks get big!)

AND THEN you have to somehow put those heavy stacks of chairs on these God-forsaken rollie things that always seem to elude you and your chair stack the first few times around. When the Better Together Campaign kicked off in the fall, I was doing most of this with only a small group of dedicated helpers. But this time around, after a year of building relationships and getting to know people, I had a ton of help! Interfaith help! And instead of being frustrated, we laughed.

Ala - my new friend!!! And one of NUii's co-chairs for next year!

I raced, Ala, a new Palestinian Muslim friend I’ve made through doing this work, down the banquet hall rolling our tables until we both nearly lost control of them. My roommate (though we prefer the term “domestic partner”) Shireen and I took pictures of ourselves and made faces as we cleared tables and folded table cloths.

Me + Shireen!

Then, when it came time to figure out what to do with the left over food, Rehan, another new friend through Better Together this year, offered to drive it to the YMCA — I hadn’t even known they took leftovers! Turns out, they do. We drove down there together and dropped the food off.  The YMCA was thrilled.

I was thrilled. It finally dawned on me at that moment that Better Together has really worked at Northwestern. I’m so much more together with all these people than I was before. It’s awesome.

So, here are some snapshots of our night. Take a look at the committed interfaith players on this campus — these kids are great! If you don’t know them, you’re missing out.

Hanan and Soad!

Zack Sanderson - "Go Jesus!"

Nebiu - Interfaith Hall's new president!Sofia and Paco (future resident of Interfaith Hall)

I "seduced" Leah over to interfaith during a Sex Week event! #winning!

Hana! A future IFYC employee.

Zach - NUii's newest co-chair and mastermind of "Holy Wars: Interfaith Dodgeball"