Better Together: Interfaith Unity Banquet
  Thursday, May 26 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm
President Schapiro will be there too!
122 Parkes Hall
1870 Sheridan Road
Given that the popular face of our faith is often a product of media,
how can we reframe perceptions of faith through social action? Join us for discussion, fun and Pita Inn! All for free!
President Schapiro will be there too!
The banquet is an annual celebration of an interfaith agreement signed by The Northern Illinois Conference United Methodist Church & The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. But since Northwestern also had a really great year of interfaith cooperation we’re expanding it beyond Muslims and Methodists to everyone!
This year’s theme is Face of Our Faith with special speaker Judith Valente.
About the speaker:
Judith Valente began her career in journalism reporter for The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, and was twice a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Since 1998, she has been correspondent for PBS-TV news program Religion & Ethics News Weekly. Ms. Valente is a commentator for National Public Radio and Chicago Public Radio, where she covers religion.