On Thanksgiving, most Americans pretty much universally go around the table and say what they’re thankful for. I think this is always a great moment to tell friends and family how much they’re loved and appreciated. This year, I’m going to expand the same courtesy to the entire Northwestern interfaith community. I’m thankful that we have so much to come together over and so many events to come together during.

I’m especially thankful for the annual Interfaith Potluck because it is such a great opportunity for groups to come together over a shared meal and get to know each other. To be honest, every year I’m a little nervous that my table will have trouble relating to each other or that we’ll never move past chit-chat and I’ll be in for an awkward evening. But that never happens! It’s so cool to realize that any random Northwestern student has so much  in common with any other NU student. It’s even more amazing to see how talking about being in the same chemistry class (and that weird TA who sits in Plaza cafe) transitions into discussing Hindu scripture. Then all of a sudden people are exchanging emails and talking about visiting temples in Wheaton, Ill. together! That’s interfaith for you and I wish people killing each other over faith in Ireland could see my Interfaith Potluck table as an alternative.

I’m also thankful that Northwestern students have so many resources to share. We are all really blessed with basic needs such as food and housing. Thanksgiving is a great time for us to acknowledge that. But let’s keep the awareness of those blessings in mind as we come back from break and move into Winter 2011. One way to do that is to work with NU’s Better Together Campaign for affordable housing in Chicago. Keep checking back with this blog for site dates and details!

In the meantime, enjoy your break and time with family. Happy Thanksgiving!